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Possessed by Passion: A Limited Edition Dark Romance and Paranormal Collection

E.B. Lunsford

Hi, guys. I will be sharing a new book release for another author today. This dark and paranormal romance collection will be releasing March 16th, 2021. You can read more about it below. I also will be doing another author interview when I finish this post. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here.

Collection Title: Possessed by Passion
Authors:Bella Emy ~ Alyssa Drake ~ Erin Lee ~ Lorah Jaiyn ~ Cora Kenborn ~ Catherine Wiltcher ~ Murphy Wallace ~ N. Isabelle Blanco ~ Diana Register ~ Rena Marin ~ John Watson ~ Rita Delude ~ Stephanie Ayers ~ Yolanda Allard ~ Sian B. Claven ~ Olivia Marie ~ M W Brown ~ LJC Fynn ~ Tiffany Carby ~ Michelle Edwards ~ Tracy A. Ball ~ Eve Corso ~ Marie Ahls ~ Rheanon Nicole ~ Cloud S Rise
Genre: Dark Romance &…

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And Away We Go…

Moving across the country (well, from the coast to midwest anyway) is not without its own type of adventure. Trouble is the more appropriate word, but adventure is a more positive outlook. We finally made the big move from Central VA (about 3 hours from the eastern coast) to the midwestern part of Ohio. This… Continue reading And Away We Go…