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Summer 2021 Book Releases

Releasing July 16:
The Plague Goddess: a dark urban fantasy from the brilliant combined imaginations of the Stephanie Ayers and Paul R. Davis.
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Blurb: As a snake slithers silently in the woods exacting her evil plan, and the great bear king is slaughtered, a new power quietly, unwillingly rises.
What happens when an unexpected storm covers Finland in a plague, creatures of legend appear, and a faithful believer goes missing? The gods wake up and take notice. The problem is, Kyle has no idea what’s going on, who the strange-looking man is, or why the beautiful woman invites him to her home in the forest. As a lifetime of lies and betrayal is unveiled, Kyle’s beliefs are tested. Unable to trust anyone, he must decide whose truth is worth fighting for. Will he honor a promise made at his birth and save the world, or will he refuse to see what’s right in front of his eyes?

Releasing July 24:
Blood White: a suspenseful paranormal romance and horror from Stephanie Ayers. Previously published in the Possessed by Passion boxset.
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Blurb: Not all who wander are truly lost. Some only want to hurt you.
Every thirty years on the anniversary of Mae White’s suicide, the young men of Rickdale succumb to grisly deaths. Tales circulate of a beautiful hitchhiker in a white dress wandering up and down the road by Rickers Creek, crying for her babies and looking for a ride home. Those who pick her up are never heard from again.
The last time Mae showed up, Jennifer Archer’s high school sweetheart disappeared. Now, she fears her son will meet the same fate. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep him safe, even sacrifice herself, but it’s not Jennifer the White Lady wants.
Thirty years have passed, and the anniversary falls on a full moon. The Lady in White wanders again, and this time, she brought reinforcements. All the young men Mae collected over the years roam the night, and Jennifer must face her long lost lover. Can she save them both before they disappear for good?

Releasing August 3:
Jamaican Me Crazy: A Coffee Shop Series Novella: another cozy witch mystery from International Bestselling Author Stephanie Ayers
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Blurb: What’s a honeymoon without a few ghosts tagging along? Much to Carmen Bleu’s chagrin, that’s exactly what’s brewing. Only this time, it’s a haunted coffee shop in the tropical paradise of Jamaica, and her best friend, Hester Razzlebaum, isn’t there to help her out.
In a land where voodoo is the norm and ghosts don’t just go away, will Carmen be able to solve this mystery on her own? Or will she lose everything she’s worked for and her new husband in the process?

Releasing September 14:
The Contract: a suspenseful paranormal occult thriller from International Bestselling Author Stephanie Ayers
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Blurb: Finn Janssens is about to lose it all. Desperate to save everyone he loves, he strikes a hasty deal with a hospital priest, selling his soul and agreeing to die multiple deaths to keep his wife and newborn child alive.
Stuck in a place where everyone can read his mind, and with a contract signed in blood, Finn realizes he made a huge mistake. With the help of a repentant demon, he devises a plan during that moment between life and death when his thoughts are his alone. He thinks he has plenty of time to figure things out, until Father B. L. Zeebub throws a kink in his plan. Staring down an eternity in hell, Finn must find the loophole he needs to get out of his contract before it’s too late.
Three lives. One sacrifice. There’s only one way out.

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