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The Why of Facebook Author Takeovers

Author time slots still available! Comment below or message me to claim one!! (insert link to the Facebook event here). I know you've seen a post like this on Facebook before, especially if you belong to a writing group. You'll scratch your head, cock your head sideways, and your mind utters a big "Huh?" Others… Continue reading The Why of Facebook Author Takeovers

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Summer Special!

Summer is a busy time for most of us, especially if we have kids. We have to adjust our schedules to accommodate for the kids being home and causing distractions that would otherwise be used to work on our books, marketing, and branding. An important part of today's effective marketing and branding scheme is very… Continue reading Summer Special!

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Fear (Precipice 2 Anthology)

I'll be honest. Ever since I joined a couple of writing groups, notably The Red Dress Club/Write On Edge, my writing improved. In fact, I write flash so much and discovered the art of tightening sentences and making each word count that it actually interferes with my ability to complete longer works. You know what… Continue reading Fear (Precipice 2 Anthology)