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Fall 2021 Book Releases

Releasing October 20:
The 13: Peeper Tales: the Halloween short story collections of bestselling The 13 Series by Stephanie Ayers continues with this 5th collection themed around wicked men.
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Blurb: They hide in the shadows.
They peep in your windows.
They follow you home.
They’re stalkers and peeping toms who only want YOU.

This collection of skin-crawling tales will make even the biggest skeptic paranoid. From strange
obsessions to unexpected guests, deserted alleyways and empty streets, no one is safe from these prying eyes.

Do you know who’s watching you?

This is the 13 series.
Can you survive all 13?

Releasing November 6:
A Legacy in Waiting: an historical paranormal fiction based on the old Shinto religion practices on the Japanese islands from Stephanie Ayers.
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Blurb: What happens when legacy and love collide?

In order to replace her dead mother as the Royal Noro Priestess for her tribe, Erity must choose a life of solitude. Unwilling to abandon her brother, Ronin, and his best friend, Taigen, whom she loves, she runs away to seek advice from the sacred sea dragon. In her absence, Seki, the local medium, stakes her claim to Erity’s position.

When the Shinto priest rejects Seki, she summons Kano to eliminate Erity permanently. When Ronin discovers Seki’s treachery, he orders Kenji, his most trusted samurai, to send the evil priest back to his grave. Even if Kenji succeeds, there’s no guarantee Erity will accept the role her mother prepared her for.

Erity’s legacy waits. Will she accept it before the darkness consumes them all?

Releasing November 27:
Winter Wonderland: A Santa’s Workshop and Portal to Madness series novella: The first book in the Portal to Madness series, a fantasy collection of stand alone tales where characters are misplaced from their stories and dropped into new ones.
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When a frantic White Rabbit appears on Alice’s doorstep in the middle of a snowstorm five days before Christmas, she has no choice but to follow him. When they arrive, she quickly realizes it is not the Wonderland she remembers. Winter’s fallen, the hatter has gone madder, and the White Queen’s dying of a broken heart. Her heart must be mended before the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve or Wonderland will remain frozen forever.

Can Alice save Wonderland before the clock runs out?

Releasing December 13:
Sister Superior: A Crazy Town Novella What’s a Christmas Eve service without a few helping hands? You asked for it, and now the famed Sister Ellis from Absolution is back!
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The pious Sister Ellis is in trouble. Unsure of her destination, she packs up her prized collection and leaves town before she gets caught. When she finds herself in a small Alabama town—the kind of place where no one would ever look for her, and skeletons lurk behind every closet door—she settles in and makes Crazy Town her new home.

Not long after the nun’s arrival, bodies pile up, and they all have one thing in common: missing hands. Is the desire to sin greater than the remorse? Or has Sister Ellis finally met her match?

Two sickos. One fetish. Only in Crazy Town.

Releasing December 15:
Slay Bells: A Christmas Horror Collection Christmas will never be the same again! A short and scary Holiday collection from International Bestselling Author Stephanie Ayers
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Blurb: (To the tune of Deck the Halls)

Santa’s got an axe for slaughter
A mom’s about to lose her daughter
Shake the snow globe if you dare
Santa’s climbing up the stair
Deck your mind with Christmas horror
Read them now in any order
Underneath the covers gathered
Now you’ll find your safety shattered

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