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Summer Special!

Summer is a busy time for most of us, especially if we have kids. We have to adjust our schedules to accommodate for the kids being home and causing distractions that would otherwise be used to work on our books, marketing, and branding.

An important part of today’s effective marketing and branding scheme is very visual. The more visual elements you have to share, the more noticed your work becomes. With all the various social media platforms out there and their constant upgrades (Facebook, anyone?), it can become difficult to keep up with sizes and so forth to ensure your vision is fully appreciated.

This is where I can help you, and I’m willing to do it at a lower cost and with a special deal thrown in. Order 2 customized book  or author quotes and I’ll give you a 3rd one of your choice for free.*

To take advantage of this offer, shoot me an email with promo code B2G1FREE in the subject line.

I’ll even sweeten the deal. For every new paying client you bring in, I’ll give you a discount code worth 10% off to use for future purchases.

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*This offer is not good with any other promotion or coupon and is only good for 1 order per customer.


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