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Mirrors & Thorns: Author Cassidy Taylor

Today, I’m interviewing Cassidy Taylor, who has a story in the OWS Ink anthology, Mirrors & Thorns titled “The Life and Death of Cora Svranos.”

1.What’s the most inspiring part of where you live?


  • I live in the southern US and am most inspired by its small-town charm, though as a fantasy writer, I don’t often have the opportunity to incorporate it into my stories.


  1. When did you start writing?


  • I’ve been writing since childhood, since before I could read, even, when I would make up my own stories to picture books.


  1. Where do you find inspiration?


  • Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come from a missed opportunity on a show I’m watching, from a cloud creeping across the freeway on my morning commute, from a conversation I overhear on the street. As a writer, it’s important to be observant and turn those observations into stories.


  1. Which character has etched it’s way into your heart and why?


  • Viviane Joan Abbott Walker from Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells. I don’t know what it is about her, but she sang and danced her way into my heart when I was pregnant with my first child (whose name is, not surprisingly, Vivian). Vivi is vibrant and charismatic and loyal, but best of all, she’s unapologetically flawed.


  1. What are you working on now?


  • I’m editing my first novel, When Rains Fall, which is set to release in December 2017.


  1. Which book has had the biggest impact on your writing?


  • I hope I don’t get my writer card taken away because of this, but Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. The reason I picked this controversial story is not because it’s one of my favorites, but because it was one of the first books I read for fun after graduating. Because of this book, I was inspired to start writing again, though admittedly, my vampire story will likely never see the light of day.


  1. What writing quote fuels you?


  • “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Richard Bach.


  1. What genre do you wish you could write?


  • I wish I could write contemporary YA! It’s one of my favorite genres to read, but I don’t have the right story yet.


  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?


  • I’ve always said I would move to the French countryside. Some day…


  1. What makes your voice unique from other writers?


  • I feel like I have a confident, crisp writing style that suits my strong and dangerous female characters, giving them what I hope is a unique voice distinguishable from all the Mary-Sues of the world.


Cassidy Taylor is a fantasy author who studied English and Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was there that she found her niche in children’s literature, and won the Bill Hooks Award for Young Adult Fiction in 2007. Her first novel, When Rains Fall, is forthcoming in 2017.

She lives in beautiful North Carolina with her husband, two kids, two dogs, and one cat who thinks he’s a dog.



Mirror & Thorns – 
An OWS Ink Dark Fairy Tale Anthology.

Published by Catterfly Publishing, an OWS Ink LLC subsidiary

Where the fairy tale ends, and the reflection begins

OWS Ink, LLC is very excited to announce the publication of our 2017 anthology, Mirror & Thorns. Just in time for Halloween, these fourteen stories from fourteen different authors will have you curled up on the couch ignoring those trick or treaters! These exceptional tales will stay with you long after the last page. This collection of short stories releases on Wednesday, October, 25th, 2017.

The authors have weaved each one of these enchanting stories with quirky and intriguing characters as well as plots with compelling twists. You can learn more about these authors and the anthology by following along with the book blog tour which begins on on October 20th.  Preorders will begin at the Facebook event on the 21st.

A dark fairy tale collection from the twisted pens of:

J.M. Ames, Kerry E.B. Black, J.K. Allen, C.L. Bledsoe, Lucy Palmer, Stacy Overby, T.S. Dickerson, Edward Ahern, Melanie Noell Bernard, S.L. Scott, Sarah Nour, Paul Stansbury, Cassidy Taylor, and J. Lee Strickland.

Follow along the tour to meet more of the authors and their stories in the anthology…

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10/24- Stephanie Ayers: Author Spotlight of J. Ames

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10/26- Sofie Eloy: Guest post (

10/27- Nancy Miller: Author Interview (

10/28- Heidi Angell: M & T Panel on Heidi’s Booktube channel

10/29 Stephanie Ayers: Author Interview- Cassidy Taylor

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11/3- Mandy Melanson/Rhetoric Askew

11/4- Stephanie Ayers: Author interview with Sarah Nour

11/5- Angela Jones-Cuellar: Release announcement and teaser

11/6- Amanda Mabry: Guest Post from Jim Strickland on Medium

11/7- Adrienne: Book Review Darque Dreamer Reads

11/8- Stacy Overby: Guest Post from Melanie Bernard

11/9- Deanna L. Cooley: Guest Post ( from Stacy Overby

11/10- Shanah McCready: book review (

11/11- OWS: Wrap up

You can preorder Mirrors & Thorns today and get your books tomorrow!

Universal book link:




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