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Asani Glass Food Containers


I’m a busy lady, but you knew that already. When it comes down to crunch time, especially in graphics, I tend to forget to eat.

Bad, Stephy, bad!

This is why I love these soooo much!

F27E96F1-8A1E-42F4-9B79-7887831EFE2CYou can already see why, can’t you? I can pack this up before I go to bed. When my stomach complains, I just pull it out, and voila!

It really gives me the security and comfort knowing I won’t overindulge with it’s perfect portioning slots. I mean, I need energy to do all the things I do, and if my sugars spike, that’s not so good, either. I’ve noticed the glass tends to stay cool longer also, so there’s another plus for when I’m heavy into my story and forget to munch.


Instant yum!!

And fresh, too!!

As you know, I recently broke my ankle and sprained my wrist. These glass containers work so well for me!! They are a lot lighter than you’d expect. With the little fork and spoon snapped into the lid, I don’t have to try to juggle my lunch and my eating utensils, either! These really have made my life a lot more simple. I’m really glad I decided to try them.

Asani has made this writer happy and her tummy grateful! You can get yours Here


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