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The Perfect Pet Lovers Gift

Grooming… we all have to do it, but doing it to your pets can be tiresome and tedious. For me, my dog is big and excitable. It literally takes 2 of us to groom him. And? He hates slicker brushes. Maybe his skin is just too sensitive.


My cat? She’s opposed to brushes in general, but she loves a bath (surprise!). She’s also pretty calm during a nail clipping session, too.

Even so, between the 2, it takes more time than I have on hand. I wanted something quicker, something better.


This is where Petlehouse came to the rescue. I found their pet grooming kit on Amazon and ordered it with high hopes and expectations. I wasn’t disappointed. They packaged everything with care, and the towel is a lot softer than I expected.


I was impressed to discover the slicker brush self-cleans with a press of the button. Definitely a plus! The nail clippers are one hand easy too, which really helps when I have to do solo grooming. Just flick the little clip holding the trimmer handle together and it snaps open. Just flip it up to close. Easy peasy!!

As for the glove, both my animals really prefer it to the actual bath part, plus I can get all over without worrying about getting soap in their faces or eyes. This is definitely a great kit. I highly recommend it for all pet lovers. The towel is great too, like giving your dog a belly rub!

Thanks to Petlehouse, I spend less time grooming and more time writing!!


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