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Fixin’ to Eat Book Review

Fixin' to Eat Southern Cookbook Front Cover.jpg

Holiday cooking? I am. I think I want to do the broccoli casserole and self-crusting coconut pie!!
Title: Fixin to Eat
Author: Katie Moseman
Rating: 5 stars
Finally I have a southern cooking cookbook that even offers me drink recipes and what they are best served with. I can’t wait to sample the libations and turn my Christmas cooking into a new tradition!
It’s got a great blend of recipes for all day eating, and many of them are different from other southern cooking recipes. I look forward to adding many of these (like self-crusting coconut pie and iceberg edge salad) to my weekly menu. I’m even planning a delicious southern style broccoli casserole to take to the Christmas Eve dinner at my brother’s! I finally have a great recipe for the sweet corn bread and can stop buying mine from a box! Hurray!!
Fixin' to Eat Southern Cookbook Back Cover.jpg
With a simple style and lots of information, I highly recommend this cookbook to everyone, no matter where you live.. north or south!


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