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A Pantser with a Planner?

A Pantser… someone who writes by the seat of their pants.
A Planner… someone who sets goals and keeps a working planner.

Opposites attract, they say, but in my case, it was more of a need to remember things than any organized chaos thing (or so I tell myself). You see, as OWS Ink grows, it becomes easier and easier to lose track of things. While it goes against my very nature to have one, I realize how important it is for effective business to not only have one, but to use one.

One? One what?

A planner. I don’t mean a dollar store book with squares inside. I mean an honest to goodness planner with a little bit of everything to satisfy the pantser within you and satisfy those planners you have surrounded yourself with.

Not just any planner will do. For me, this Cossac one is a perfect match. Why?

1. Monthly, weekly, and daily, all broken into sections, with not 1 but 2 attached bookmarks (and one is red and one is black too!
2. Each section has space for notes and review so you can improve the next day.
3. It comes with a tutorial you can watch for suggested use.
4. It looks professional.

Here’s proof:

I’m having such a hard time waiting til the new year to start filling it out too. I can promise you I have never been so excited over a planner before in my life! Yes, even die hard pantser can have a little organization in their lives. It may not be filled with plots and storylines, but at least the rest of the world will run on schedule.

Use the coupon code included in this link to get your own Cossac today!

What would you fill yours with?


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