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And Away We Go…

Moving across the country (well, from the coast to midwest anyway) is not without its own type of adventure. Trouble is the more appropriate word, but adventure is a more positive outlook. We finally made the big move from Central VA (about 3 hours from the eastern coast) to the midwestern part of Ohio. This… Continue reading And Away We Go…

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I Followed the Yellow Brick Road

I had this grand idea for My Write Side. It just came to me out of the blue one day when I was looking at the barren, plain, undecorated blog. The tagline for this blog is "Where will I take you today?" after the premise that when you read, you escape this reality for a… Continue reading I Followed the Yellow Brick Road

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>Life’s an Adventure

>My good friend and NaNo partner, Jessica Anne of Adventures with 3 Girls, wasn't happy with her blog design, so she asked me to give her a new look when she got ready to install a new wordpress template (whoot! I got my feet wet!!). I was happy to oblige. After a few emails, she… Continue reading >Life’s an Adventure