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Summer Special!

Summer is a busy time for most of us, especially if we have kids. We have to adjust our schedules to accommodate for the kids being home and causing distractions that would otherwise be used to work on our books, marketing, and branding. An important part of today's effective marketing and branding scheme is very… Continue reading Summer Special!

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More Badges and Banners for Our Write Side

There will be a lot of new stuff being showcased as I help Our Write Side prepare their first newsletter. I've been busy making featured graphics for their site: As well as a few other things to enhance the look of their site, such as the forum decor... I'll have more for you soon! In… Continue reading More Badges and Banners for Our Write Side



Some blogs came with "badges" or "buttons" for others to steal and showcase on their blogs. Sometimes, someone needed an ad to announce something good coming up. I answered both these needs.