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Singing in the Rain: AncordWorks Bluetooth Shower Speaker

You're home alone. You jump in the shower. Suddenly your conditioner bottle becomes a microphone and your bathtub is the stage. You let loose, belting out that Whitney Houston high note when... Giggles. Someone came home and caught you. Your hot shower just became hotter as heat crawls across your cheeks. Your microphone morphs back… Continue reading Singing in the Rain: AncordWorks Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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A Pantser with a Planner?

A Pantser... someone who writes by the seat of their pants. A Planner... someone who sets goals and keeps a working planner. Opposites attract, they say, but in my case, it was more of a need to remember things than any organized chaos thing (or so I tell myself). You see, as OWS Ink grows,… Continue reading A Pantser with a Planner?

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The Perfect Pet Lovers Gift

Grooming... we all have to do it, but doing it to your pets can be tiresome and tedious. For me, my dog is big and excitable. It literally takes 2 of us to groom him. And? He hates slicker brushes. Maybe his skin is just too sensitive. My cat? She's opposed to brushes in general,… Continue reading The Perfect Pet Lovers Gift